Message from CEO

Our Esteemed Business Partners, Friends,


On our journey which we started in 1999, your trust and support helped us a lot in our  progress. Becoming the leading company in the sector has imposed great responsibilities upon us. We take these responsibilities very seriously and work with heart and soul to always take the sector a step ahead:


1.     We always strived to launch high quality products with affordable prices and contributed to the growth of our industry.

2.     We established and started to operate the first dry cat and dog food factory of Turkey.

3.     We created our own brands, introduced them to the Turkish customers and raised them to leader position in the market .Namely Champion, Goody, JFD-Just for Dogs, JFC-Just for Cats and  Çarli.

4.     Before Tropikal Pet  the pet food sector in Turkey consisted of only imported products. We have been the pioneer in local production and then in exporting of pet food.

5.     We became partner with the worldwide “The Riverside Company” private equity firm. The Riverside is the oldest and biggest private equity company in the world focused in small-medium sized businesses. It was established in 1988 and currently has more than 80 companies in its portfolio in 14 countries over 4 continents. Since the foundation, the company has acquired approximately 250 companies and now the fund has more than 3 billion USD sales volume per year. This financial power now backs up Tropikal Pet.

6.     We realized an additional capital investment and increased our production capacity to 30.000 tons/year which is almost 4 times of what we had before. Our new machinery has the most updated production technology in the world, enabling us to produce and pack our products with no human touch.  

7.     We built a wide sales and distribution network  reaching to 3.500 outlets (markets, DIY Stores, petshops, veterinary clinics) in Turkey. Our logistics infrastructure enables us to deliver the orders max. in 24 hours throughout Turkey . 

8.     Last but not least we invested in technology and human resources to increase our efficiency and ensure the continuity of our performance.


Our objective is to make Tropikal Pet an exemplary company not only in Turkey but around the globe. Our management approach, which is based on customer satisfaction and mutual confidence, has so far guided us to achieve our goals. Now the aim is to further strengthen Tropikal Pet  with you by adding value to the sector through innovative and win-win business relations. 


In our journey your trust and support has been and will continue to be our  most valuable asset and inspiration. 


Best Regards, 


İzzet Saban – CEO

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